In a world marked by disruptive changes, life and work face constant threats exacerbated by the certainty that this accelerated dynamic of change is driven by technological innovation and various economic and socio-political causes that have an individual and collective systemic effect.

The pressures we expose ourselves to are not always evident; rather, they gestate underground, hidden in everyday life. They emerge without warning, posing a demanding threshold for new resources, both material and personal, requiring continuous adaptation.

The risk lies in facing them without clear guidance or with goals we consider definitive when the reality is that the only constant is change. This phenomenon is global, systemic, and an intrinsic part of nature and our existence.

Creating a dynamic and adaptive personal business model is vital for our life strategy. It acts as a guide, allowing us to adjust our performance with flexibility and creativity in any setting, aligned with a personal purpose that gives meaning to every action. It becomes the sole source of emotionally backed energy to address and sustain navigation in the turbulent waters of the new reality and its paradigm shifts.

The Personal Business Model in times of uncertainty consolidates the importance of what Machiavelli expressed in the contents of his texts as virtue, expertise, know-how, conceptualizing it as having «control of opportunity.»

Some relevant considerations:

  1. Personal Business Model as a guide: In the whirlwind of external demands, the Personal Business Model serves as a fundamental anchor that defines our goals, values, and skills, providing a resilient structure to maintain course amid external pressures and urgencies.
  2. Personal Business Model in the Organization: The crisis situation in the business context is managed by people. Purpose and meaning alignment work has a high impact on effectiveness, facilitating adaptation and creativity in collaborative environments with self-management and influence capacity. Empowering talent involves recognizing individuality and promoting differentiated contributions from stakeholders.
  3. Guide to sustaining personal brand (Own Your Strategy): Embracing our strategy involves resisting external pressures that could trigger impulsive decisions or deviate from our original course. Conscious decision-making, aligned with purpose and our long-term goals, is the antidote to loss of direction and motivation. What story am I editing, building, and living? How do I tell it?
  4. Personal Knowledge as a Shield: Personal knowledge, in this context, becomes our protective shield. Knowing our strengths and limitations allows us to discern between legitimate environmental pressures and those that are counterproductive or self-constructed based on our emotional balance.
  5. Brake for Forced Conformity: Yielding to pressures can lead to dangerous forced conformity. The threat of losing the axis of our desires and motivations becomes a significant brake that favors confirmatory biases. The pressure to conform to external expectations often results in the dilution of our authenticity and the loss of the vitality that drives our performance.
  6. Integration as Strength: Consciously integrating these elements becomes a resource against imposed conformity. By holding onto our Personal Business Model, assuming our strategy with determination, and maintaining profound personal knowledge, we create a network of conscious resistance that allows us to navigate through external pressures without losing sight of our desires, motivation, and energy.

At the crossroads between external demands and our personal and organizational project, the challenge lies in resisting the brake of forced conformity. By consciously integrating our Personal Business Model, the assumption of our own strategy, and personal knowledge, we build strengths that allow us not only to survive in the context but to thrive while maintaining the integrity of our desires and goals in continuous learning.

Assuming current challenges with determination and direction is not an option; it is essential to successfully navigate and take center stage in scenes that constantly challenge stability.




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