High Performance in the Organization

The idea of designing a personal business model and plan has gained ground as an effective strategy for professional growth in an increasingly competitive context. While it may seem that focusing on a personal model could deviate from the traditional concept of teamwork, the reality is that this approach not only does not interfere with collaborative work in a company but enhances it by maximizing the contribution of complementary personal talents. This approach can constitute a disruptive strategy that requires a systemic plan and the willingness to forge connections, engage in conversations, craft narratives, and develop high-level skills as part of continuous learning.

High engagement: Fostering high performance involves motivating and sustaining individual contributions that challenge the status quo. This happens when strategies cease to be the exclusive domain of top levels. Incorporating modern language and communicating it downward does not automatically generate collective actions in harmony with the current fluidity and uncertainty of markets. It is imperative to generate and align the organizational system with a culture committed to a sustainable purpose, one that self-observes, questions, and learns. It is crucial to understand that what we typically value as a good organizational climate may not necessarily encompass a perceived performance, both individually and collectively, as satisfactory. Governance must rise to meet these demands and challenges.

Clarity in individual value proposition: A personal business model involves deep and extensive reflection on personal goals, values, and skills. This individual clarity not only benefits the professional but also enables team members to better understand each other’s contributions to the whole. By understanding individual strengths, the team can allocate roles more efficiently and smoothly, improving the execution of collaborative projects. The entrepreneurial mindset, in this context, drives the active pursuit of opportunities and innovative solutions.

Diversity and Creativity: This model encourages diversity of approaches, as each individual bases their actions on their own experiences, knowledge, and unique perspectives, sharing and synthesizing more creative ideas from multiple angles.

Autonomy aligned with purpose: By fostering responsible autonomy, professionals can manage their tasks effectively, freeing up time and energy for collaboration and strengthening trust within the team, guided by a shared purpose and sense. The entrepreneurial attitude here translates into the ability to take initiatives autonomously and in line with organizational objectives.

Interpersonal Relationships-Influence: Building a personal business model involves the development of meaningful interpersonal and communication skills, crucial for building strong relationships in the work and social environment. The entrepreneur, in this context, stands out for their ability to influence and build strategic connections.

Networking: Promoting the construction and maintenance of professional networks, a personal business model involves the active and systemic search for resources and alliances to achieve results, fueling continuous learning. The entrepreneurial mindset is evident in the constant pursuit of growth opportunities through strategic connections.

Instead of being a distraction from collaborative work, a personal business model becomes a strategic asset that enhances efficiency and innovation in a business environment. The combination of individual clarity, diversity of ideas, responsible autonomy, strong interpersonal relationships, and networking creates a dynamic balance that boosts continuous learning and high performance. By embracing and fostering these personal models, companies can cultivate stronger and more resilient teams in the competitive and ever-changing current business landscape.




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