It is common in presentations to clients to show the success cases with third parties as our own, exposed as a descriptive succession of actions and decisions taken to reach the results achieved: an effective decision/contracting is “informed”, but without the emotional content of the lived experience.

A linear progression of successes does not generate trust, it does not mobilize, it only provides information.

Usual presentation: “This was the problem…these were the steps to achieve the solution…this was the final result we got…and the client got…”. With this approach, we are the heroes of the story, while the real or potential client remains as an observer participant, oblivious to the emotional tensions experienced by the protagonist of the case being exposed.

 Our proposal is to edit the business cases, giving it the form of narratives that show, from the client’s point of view, the experiences, emotions (doubts, fears, frustrations, learning, etc.) experienced along the way, from the moment the need for the product/service starts, to the final result. The hero is the client and our success is validated in the accompaniment we made, putting in the foreground the experiences that he went through in his experience.

By turning success stories into customer stories, we create a shared «story library», homogenizing the value of offers and creating meaning about what we have to say regarding the organization, its products, services and human capital.

We abandon canned presentations: we avoid power point readings and focus on the connection with the listener/client to transmit the case that we narrate turned into a story.

The re-editing process should respond to a methodology designed, built and trained collectively. All the experiences, their interpretations and repetitions over time are part of the organization’s history, culture and memory.

The abundant creative media and tools available today allow the cases that account for success stories to be transmitted in all the spaces in which the organization communicates, systemically increasing the influence of the value proposition.



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