Sharing experiences with Storytelling resources at all levels in teams and between the teams has an impact on the quality of bonding, creating consensual proposals of meaning throughout the entire organizational system.

What stories do we share and with what processes?

• Brand and product,

• Work and personal experiences;

• Organization and clients

The construction of professionally narrated stories, practices and experiences has various effects on all the factors of the system and on the ability to influence.

The central axis of the process is the rational and emotional understanding of the essence that each action has for the person telling the story and the resonance it has when sharing it.

In what aspects does it impact?

1. It deepens the effective perception of the value of the brand, its products and services, the negotiation skills

2. It enriches links at all levels and between all internal and external stakeholders

3. It develops the performing standards of the members of the organization triggering the implicit knowledge from the exchanges

4. It generates active awareness of learning, a positive emotional and entrepreneurial climate created from the collaboration, cooperation and mystique of the team (co-created vision and mission)

5. It facilitates the incorporation, integration and learning of new members

6. It compromises quality of strategic, tactical and operational leadership

7. It creates culture, teams and networks of high performance transmissible in the transfer of leadership capabilities

8. It generates an assertive and expressive way of closing deals, building effectively in the medium and long term.

The formality of incorporating Storytelling as a management model orders and allows co-creating culture, releasing energies that commonly flow without control or functionality in the life of organizations.

There are always stories: the idea is that the interpretations that feed them can be based on actively shared information/actions.

Generating quality conversational spaces and processes broadens the perception of events in the life of organizations.

Stories are the common currency among people and managing them opens up the possibilities for high performance.

Oratory and Storytelling


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