Organizations, like all human spheres, are crossed by multiple histories in which the hierarchies of real power, beliefs, values ​​and influences that base actions and results are manifested. Visibly or latently in these waters, the emotional value of being and feeling part of an organization is also built.

 Although stories are a vital resource to generate shared meanings and influence, they are not always given the professional treatment that enables the weaving of inclusive leadership throughout the organization.

The usefulness of Storytelling is biased by using it as a tool to influence vertically (marketing, communications in presentations, media) instead of giving it a broad use for the participatory construction of meanings and agreed purposes.

The construction of a library of stories (Story Library) with the participation of the members of the organization becomes a resonant resource, invaluable for personal and organizational development. It requires a method for the process of putting it and sustaining it in the practice of the company with new paradigms.

In which domains are possibilities opened for a professional treatment of the stories that live in the organization system?

1. Stories related to the foundation and stages of growth

2. Construction of the organizational culture

3. Leadership and team building. Agility.

4. Selection, onboarding and training

5. Processes of change

6. Transfer of knowledge/leadership

7. Brand-in/Brand-out

8. Positioning and relations with the community

9. Personal stories

10. Successes and failures

11. Clients

12. …

In the framework of the stories, the views and desires of those who are a daily part of the experiences intertwine, recreate and resignify, with a direct impact on the coordination of actions, innovation and change.

Organizational Storytelling in the above sense allows collaborators to be aware of and feel the part of the whole that they occupy in the generation of value.



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