In a present in which agile methods mark an effective rhythm in management, the relevance of the quality of interpersonal communications and the need to professionalize its integral process are highlighted.

Today it is essential to prepare yourself with tools that respond to the professional challenges that come to life in the world of relationships, promoting impactful proposals and ideas that materialize into actions.

In any interaction situation, be it in interviews, business proposals, coordination of meetings, etc. there are keys to influence that require discarding improvisation and amateurism in the preparation.

We said in a previous note: “there are concurrent factors that hinder putting in perceived value for the listener the contributions that provide solutions to their problems and challenges; as presenters we tend to be self-referential, with a lot to say, with demands and self-demands to say it well, with little preparation time”.

Given their relevance, designing effective presentations requires facing them as a design object from their origin, in their content, in their form and in the capacity of those who communicate by adding value.

This need clearly constitutes a critical factor in methods such as Scrum and similar ones, in which, relying primarily on technical skills, the coordination of actions fails due to inaccurate presentations (planning, stories, daily, retrospectives, reviews, sprints). The cost is not minor: it affects time, results and emotional climate. The training of managers and the team in communication skills is a key factor that has a direct impact on agility, the objective of the method. A clear and relevant impact occurs with the sub-optimization of the technical level capabilities of some resource when they are overshadowed by their difficulty in communicating. Their evaluation is biased, generating a hidden cost that translates into turnover and is attributed to the wrong causes (generational attributes).

All added value and all value proposals are highlighted in the moments of communication, are enhanced in collaborative networks and are clearly manifested in the results.

Quality presentations aligned with the shared objectives of the process are an inherent part of an agile management philosophy committed to coordinating high-standard actions.


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