On what foundations can we build resonant communications?

The daily routine shows us playing various roles, in various spaces and with various responsibilities. In all of them we open or close possibilities according to the quality of our interactions.

Each interaction brings us closer or further away from an achievement as a result of our skills to build consensus, developing leadership and talents, promoting learning.

The solid foundations of these actions are based on the connection between value systems: one’s own aligned in personal congruence with those of others.

Why is it relevant to take this aspect into account in presentations, speeches, social contacts?

To substantiate the importance of this concept, I bring up the meaning of the word «alienation» as: a mental state that implies the loss of the feeling of one’s own identity. When our actions lead us to set aside personal criteria by adopting other people’s perspectives, we move away from our axis, in fact we stop valuing and recognizing ourselves in terms of our uniqueness. Our messages become inauthentic, they lose depth and the possibility of sustaining them consistently over time.

«You can fool everyone some of the time, you can fool some all the time, but you can’t fool everyone all the time.» Abraham Lincoln

We can add that within the group of the deceived we would be ourselves self-deceived. Alienation has personal costs as well as relational ones.

In every story, narrating our own experiences or transmitting experiences of third parties, we reveal our own identity. Acting in absolute presence and with authenticity enables a climate of resonant intimacy with the audience,

regardless of its size

When we make «copy paste» of productions, ideas, or other people’s thoughts without adding our imprint, we generate information that does not differentiate us, no matter that we express how it amazes and moves us!

A deep understanding of our uniqueness of thoughts, emotions and information when editing and rehearsing the story, gives power to the message, builds our reputation and ability to influence.



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