Self Branding implies a process of construction of meanings and actions based on deep self-knowledge and commitment to being oneself in all spaces of presence. It essentially involves translating what we declare into concrete actions.

We come to this world with unrepeatable characteristics and our success is directly related to the ability to enhance this uniqueness to the maximum by putting it in value, communicating it, turning it into concrete acts.

Holding this proper path is quite a permanent, iterative, recursive choice!

I share a publication that I consider to be a tremendously guiding lay prayer in relation to our values, talents, differential and relevant strengths.

I reproduce it below.


It seems impossible to write a letter to the lukewarm who insists on ignoring or covering up his own lukewarmness. But something of fervor keeps in its bosom the lukewarm that is known or suspected lukewarm.

On the other hand, the lukewarm of all lukewarmness feels that this letter is not for him, because he only accepts complacent messages. A subtle letter will be indifferent to him or will arouse in him a lazy aesthetic enjoyment and will brand a frontal and fervent letter as a fanatic.

The lukewarm man pretends to live untouched by life and conceals his lack of intensity with simulated moderation.

Even more hypocritical is the lukewarmness that is concealed by bombastic actions that only carry physical and psychic energy without spiritual orientation, in short, without love.

Nothing reaches the lukewarm or pretends that nothing reaches him, but such ontological hypocrisy is devastating because the indifference to Life that asks for our help at every step is criminal. Thus, a life of omissions is a murderous life and only those who dare to see it can come out of its lukewarmness.

I write this letter to the only lukewarm who might be able to hear me. I write it to the lukewarm that lives in me and thus I invite each one to write their own.

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